Go Hard or Go Home!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a participant of Warrior Hoops.  Our desire is to provide a fun, yet highly competitive experience for you and your athlete.  This experience will touch every facet of your life, from basketball practice, to life skills, to developing into a person of moral integrity and an athlete with good character.
We are seeking athletes who have a desire to grow in their basketball skills development both in practice and games.  Our participants are COMMITTED to their coaches, team and self by consistently attending practices and games.
Our participants are COACHABLE and maintain a positive attitude while receiving instruction.  We are only here to help build up.
Your “Warrior Hoops Experience” will enrich both you and your athlete’s life to such a degree you will be changed forever.  Your athlete will be motivated and directed to become the young person they were created to be. Thank you for considering us with the most precious gift God gave you, your son and/or daughter.

Coach Newsome, I believe the time that our son was blessed to be guided by Warrior Hoops played a huge part in what he is about to do, minister to youth in China on the basketball court!!!! We are leaving the 3rd of March and will return the 2nd of June, so please pray for us. Our son will want to join up with you when he returns. He loves your real basketball, as he calls it! Once again, thank you for praying and lifting up our son. Please let Coach Tay know that all of his hard work comes with great rewards from our Father!

Hello Coach Gary, Tay and Marcus!

We are very excited our son has made the sophomore team at Olathe South. He has had a wonderful experience with Warrior Hoops and we have seen his confidence increase from participating in your program. Thanks so much for everything you guys do!

Coach Marcus, I just want to thank you for coaching our son. He had his first game today with CST and started and played 95% of the game. He did great!! Several of the parents of boys who used to be on the Warriors looked at us and said "Connor has gotten good". I told them that we were thankful for you and you really did so much to help shape him.

Coach Newsome, we are so thankful our son made the BVSW team. We could not believe the competition, so many tried out, so many cut. We really appreciate all that you’ve done/do to prepare our son. He felt that the APD classes gave him the edge. He thought also that it helped so much to do drills with/against older high school boys during the skills classes. It made it easier to “stand out” among kids his own age. Thanks also for caring about him, and for pumping him up. He mentioned several times that he did not want to let you down! We love it. There were also so many God moments in this process, I’ll share them sometime :). You’ve made/continue to make a big impact on our kids. Thank you again!!


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