This program offers our high school and middle school athletes an alternative to the traditional (2) practices per week and (2) tournaments per month format in the Fall/Winter.  We’ve seen over the course of our history that set practices are difficult for our high school and/or middle school athletes to make due to their busy school schedules.  Thus, the creation of APD became necessary as a solid solution to this situation.  APD offers the following Warrior Hoops ala carte products combined into one deeply discounted, dynamic package for $180.00 per month (with 2 tournaments) OR $150.00 per month (without tournaments) in Sept – Nov:


•    (2) 1 hour and 15 minute Grind Session per week.

•    (2) 45 minute Speed & Agility Class per week.

•    (6) KC Metro tournaments/jamborees per session.

•    Basic college recruiting assistance.

APD will cover the following and much, much more:

•    Ball handling (stationary, game speed, feeding the post, attacking defenders and protecting when pressured).


•    Passing (1-handed, 2-handed, feeding the post, protecting and angles).


•    Pivoting (front, back and reverse).


•    Footwork (straight leg L/R, cross-step L/R, squeak-step L/R, jab step and spins).


•    Getting Open anywhere on the floor and Finishing Moves.

•    Shooting (stationary eye training, off the dribble and coming off screens but also including free throw, floaters, mid-range and 3pt shooting techniques).


•    Post Fundamentals (Footwork, offensive moves, counter moves and defending the post).


•    Offensive and Defensive Fundamentals (How/when to score, moving without the ball, on-ball defense and help defense).


•    Rebounding (offensive and defensive techniques).

APD will follow the 2016 Fall Club Tournament schedule.  Our APD classes are available as follows:


•   Monday’s from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  (Grind Session and S&A).

•   Wednesday’s from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  (Grind Session and S&A).



BCS = Brookside Charter School (1815 E. 63rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64130).


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