Coach Newsome,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the Lord is doing miracles here in China in our son’s life.  He is doing a basketball camp at a villiage middle school this week.  He is living at the school all week and coaching ALL of their PE Classes.  But only because the Lord opened the door for him.  The government here doesn’t want foreigners to do things like that so they’re telling us “NO”, but they said “YES” to him.  Please keep praying that the door stays open for him.  I’m not sure yet that he realizes what is happening!!  Love you all, pass this on to Coach Tay and your beautiful wife.

Hi Donte (Coach Tay),

Thank you again for all that you do for our boys.  Oliver just loves Warrior ball and he loves your coaching and guidance!

Coach Newsome,

I truly believe in you, but more importantly H2 does. He said to his old coach last night “Coach Newsome is like a father, pushes you when you need it!” Out of the mouth of babes!!

I wanted to share a neat story with you… I went with my son to “locker day” at his new middle school this past week and they get their locker and school supplies, gym uniforms and can get school spirit wear. At the spirit wear table they had some options you could choose and my son started jumping around saying “that’s the saying we pray before our games and is my favorite scripture verse ” it was “through God all things are possible” and he just started chanting it.  It was a neat moment that you and Coach Donte had created for my quiet shy kid to get excited about.. So thank you for filling him and us up with that spirit and the great environment you provide.

We are so impressed with your program and our little guy has taken note. Our little 8 yr old guy has been saying since the spring … As soon as he can he wants to be a WARRIOR:) …what a great thing you are creating:) our oldest and quietest is playing with 5th grade boys with Coach Donte and really progressing from where he started as a player and our little guy is anxious to come and play.

It was awesome to watch the girls in Wichita. You could really see them gelling as a team. They are team players which also makes them fun to watch. I am biased but really think this is a special group of girls you have! Thanks for everything you do.

I wanted to tell you how much I truly enjoyed watching you coach this weekend. Today especially it was fun seeing the fire you inspired in the girls and then seeing you match their intensity. Tell Portia I think she is the key! Thank you for spending your Fathers Day coaching and I hope you get some family time with your kids soon!

Coach Dex-
After returning to the tournament this weekend following our hospital visit Noah was disappointed to find out the team had lost. He turned to me and said “ya know Mom, I think I could have made a difference”. The increase in his self-confidence within the last 4 weeks has been incredible. We have seen it spill over into other areas of life and personality and could not be any more thrilled. You truly have an amazing gift and we are so very thankful that you have chosen to share it with our sweet boy.

Thank you, Warrior Hoops! My daughter enjoys being a part of the program. Each week, she is eager to attend practice and Skillz clinic. You have an amazing program and the love each of you show to the children, is lifting. I can’t wait to see what my daughter accomplishes in the months ahead.

Hi Gary,

I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all your great coaching and mentoring for Ben and the boys.

Dear Coach Newsome
In my recent visit to my family in KC, for three weeks I attended your practices and watched my Grandson Joe Joe participate in your program. We are sport lovers, our little stars must learn the game to have full enjoyment and participation. As he is entering High School next year, I’m happy to see him getting the necessary tools to compete. I loved what I saw, your passion for the game shows up immediately. May God Bless You and Keep You in your effort.

As a parent I am thankful that I can afford to give her the level of coaching you bring every practice and game! I know there are so many kids that need to be in a program like yours. Believe me, I do talk to both of my kids about this. Thank you for all you do.