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Warrior Speed and Agility Class Info:

Our goal, focus, and direction is to enhance each individual’s speed, quickness, agility, and body control relative to sport.  Linear speed is important, however the ability to change direction is just as, if not more important than flat out speed.  Speed development and enhancement is a careful balance and combination of strength training, sport training, skill training, and speed and agility training.  Most athletes don’t put in the extra work outside of playing their prospective sport to take their athleticism and game to the next level.  There are many layers to becoming a great player: Your mind, your skills, and your body are the (3) most important areas of focus.  In this program we will bring out the best in you!  Through our experience we have crafted a mixture of these things that will expand your game.  We will also take a monthly assessment using several timed drills and we will track your heart rate so that we can measure your progress and find the areas we need to focus on more.  This is a (1.0) hour class ending on completion of movements.  It is a highly intensive program so be prepared to sweat!  These are smaller group sessions with a minimum of (3) players and a maximum of (10) players.  We recommend at least two session a week to get the best results and to see the most progress.  Consistency is key!

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The cost is $20.00 per session.

We now operate inside the Brookside Charter School, where we have the tools and capability of using everything in our disposal to bring forward the best results.  With hard work, consistency and our help, your athlete will surpass any competition!

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